About Us

Our Experience


 After an 11-year career in Naval Aviation, I completed my MBA at Liberty University, and then pursued a career in manufacturing operations.  Much like the founders of the famous Toyota methodologies, I found my place was on the production floor with my employees.  I learned every job in the plant and then found ways to make those jobs easier and more efficient.  It wasn't long before I realized my passion for process optimization and cost reduction activities.  It was for this reason I started Simply Lean, to offer everyone an affordable way to make their businesses better. 

Our Approach


Our approach is SIMPLE.  Real change doesn't come from a meeting or philosophy statement.  Real change happens when managers, supervisors, and employees are empowered to identify areas of improvement and wasteful processes and provide real-world, simple solutions for improvement.

Why Us?


We are real people who found our passion in sharing our experiences and ability to implement real organizational change with the world.  Each and every customer is treated like family, and we treat your business goals as our own.